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unauthorized tenant

I rent a room in my basement. the young man recently got a girlfriend that has been staying over night a lot. I finally told him she had to go, that she was not authoried to be staying here. I understand about spending the night with your girl friend but where do you draw the line. is there some kind of guidelines I need to follow (laws?) or can I just say no over night guests.  ALSO is sneaking someone in the room in the middle of the night a good reason to give a 72 hour notice.

Like I said before if that person stays on a regular basis you will have to evict this person like a regular tenant. What does your lease say, I mean if it becomes a large problem give your tenant a 30 day notice and get rid of him and the girlfriend
You cannot change the lock but you can report her to the authorities as a squatter and that she has no right to be there. If you call ad say that she is trespassing they will remove her!
You want to check with your local rules for this each city does have their own regulations for what fees may be added.
I would work on that ASAP, we had an unauthorized tenant who caused a house fire, suing for damages and house repairs cost up to $70,000. Be on the safe side and be careful. Sometimes it not worth the hassle to obtain fees, I would pursue perform and quit.
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