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We leased our house and paid our final power and gas bill. We informed the power and gas company when the tenants took over. But they failed to change over the billing. And we just found out the utilities were shut of week ago and found out though niebors are tenants have not been there for about 3 weeks. The only reason we found this out was that a couple niebors complained the premise was not being keeped up per our lease agreement. We tried for 3 day to get a hold of tenants to do a inspection with no reply back to this day. Help

Correction 2 days..
It is really up to you. There are no rent control or stabilization laws in PA, so it is your choice.
Yes you need to have in your lease that the tenant will put the utilities in their name within X days of move in.  Some utility providers can back-date the start of the utility service for billing and the tenant can do that if the utility offers it.  If they do not switch it over, you can let them know they are in violation of their lease agreement and are subject to eviction.
Commonly utilities include running water, gas, electric, and heat. I do not believe that there  is a need for landline especially in this day and age.  However you may want to have this if there will be no other way to communicate with the tenant.
Usually this is something that you want to lay out plainly in your lease to require that they contact the utility co.  If the tenant is not following up you may be able to contact the Utility company directly so that they can direct as how to legally submit tenant information.
Maybe, if the stove is the only source for heating the property..... If not, probably not.
Those are the hardest tenants for me! I can empathize but i cannot afford it! Rental properties are my business. ugh i feel the pain of this situation and wish it didn't happen.
Unless you are some sort of charity, you are being taken advantage of.  I know it is a very sad and difficult situation.  Ask yourself how long do you want to continue like this?  Are you in this business to make money, or not?  So, to answer your question, you cannot shut off the electricity.  It would be perceived as retaliatory (even if it's not meant to be that way).  It would be perceived as constructive eviction, self-help eviction, which is illegal.  It's along the same lines as throwing out a tenant's property or changing the locks for non-payment of rent.   It appears that it is time to evict your elderly tenant, or to get a qualified family member of hers to co-sign and become responsible for her bills and rent.
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