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Prorating rent

I recently signed a lease commencing on August 7, 2010 and ending on July 31, 2011.  I am being charged a full month's rent for August, and the landlord is refusing to prorate my rent.  He is also refusing to let me move in on August 1st.  Is it legal for my landlord to charge me a full month of rent when I am not allowed access to the apartment for the full month?  The lease does not mention anything about prorating or not prorating.  If helpful, I live in Kansas.  What, if any, options do I have?
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This guy seems kind of uncooperative to say the least , some guys are strict, usually a lease starts at the begining of every month. Sounds like a winner , I would check for a free consultation with a lawyer but he owns the house and you want to live there so ,every state in tenant law is different but I would say your landlord is being unreasonable. I would be looking for another place with a better landlord, at least one more understanding and helpful.
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