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Suggest Amount of Fee for late rent payment

Any suggestions for house in Dallas County?

I looked up old leases and basically put the same late charge ($50) as I saw in them.
usually 10% percent of the rent
I charge 75.00 on all my properties for late rent this is a good reason to be on time
I give 5 days grace period. Then I charge 50 bucks per each 5 days. 1-5 = grace. 6-10=50 bucks, 11-15= 50 bucks extra (total 100), 16 days eviction process. never had to get close to an eviction though. I also give my renters notices on day 5 that a late fee will be charges if they dont pay by next day so they are fully aware.
I do $50 or 10% whatever is more.
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