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A young man and  I made a verbal agreement. He agreed to install tiles, complete the carpet installation in the bedrooms in return the deposit of 500.00 was waived, plus his first month rent. He began working slowly on my home. After 2 weeks, I called and told him I would be in town on a certain date to see the floors. He began to lie. He told me he had completed the kitchen. But he called my daughter and told her he had almost completed the  living room. I went home then to see what was going on. Plus, the first week working on the home, I received a call from a well known person of the town I grew up in. He informed me the young man was living in my home and had a dog inside. I knew he had a dog. But, he wasn't suppose to be living there. He asked to store his belongs (not much) in one room until he completes the floor and other work. I told him yes, but stressed several times, he could not physically live there.  6 wks have passed, he's still not done with a single room

Yep.  Never hire a tenant to do work in exchange for anything.  Not cut the lawn, not clean the pool, not remodel.  Tenants are tenants only.  You are running a business.  You need to treat it like one.  It's not the end of the world though.  At least you learned something for your time and money spent.
Has he got out , you have to be careful he does not get hurt or harm your place , you have to take some kind of action, it is very hard when you do not live in the area.
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