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background checks

New landlord! What is the best way to do background checks? Go through a service on line?

To be safe do a credit check also, you have to find a reputable company ,a lot of them are not , they take your money and then you try to look it up and N.A. Check with a realestate company in your area and see who they use, You must have there written permission and usually there Social security number . Go to your local library and get the landlord laws in your state, Liability insurance, dogs and cats , parking , lease or month to month , there is a lot to it.
Th biggest thing to me is employment verification and credit check to make sure they can afford  the rental along with their current expenses. Second is criminal report, clearly if the have had a seedy past they may be a nuisance tenant.  Be careful when screening however and make sure you make a well backed decision so that no one can accuse or assume that you are discriminating at all.
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