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credit reports

Just ask the rental applicant to provide a copy of their "free credit report" as a requirement to be included with the rental application. I have just started doing that with my first rental property. They don't even flinch. It is very telling when you see how much they choose to provide to you. Some will provide a complete, detailed report. Some will only provide the page that gives the final score. Some will dodge the whole issue. I ask them at the time I request the report whether anything will show up on the report that I should be concerned about.

Good way of weeding out rotten tenants , they will think twice on a application, sometimes these bad tenants are still being evicted and are looking for the next victim.
No credit is not a bad thing. This actually could be good. The truth is many people especially younger people may not have credit built at all. Though this is becoming less common these days. The thing you want to check for if they do not have much credit would be that they do not have any kind of collection or liens against them unpaid student loans etc. Any utility company collections. These are things to look out for. Any other further step would just be a criminal report make sure that you have checked for that.
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