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utility bills

My tenant moved out owing 188.00 in unpaid sewer bills. The account was in her name, but now the City is trying to collect from us because they can't find her. Is this something we are legally responsible for? We have since moved into the rental ourselves.
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That is a question better asked to your utility company.  Ask for their written policy.  If they claim that the bill applies to the property, ask them for the proof provided by the tenant that the tenant was legally able to turn the utilities on in their name.  You are really just pushing them back a little with this technique.  If they say the bill goes to the property, you want to know under what authority they turned the utilities on in the first place.  One of our utility companies has a "bill goes with the property" policy.  In those cases, the tenant must obtain a letter from the property owner prior to establishing service.
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