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Keys not returned

My tenant has not returned the keys to the rental property.What recourse do I have as a landlord

1. Hold his security deposit  2 change the lock and  black Ball him when he needs a reference  3 find out where he lives send him a bill ; take him to court  if he does not pay you.
You can hold his security deposit and the charge hime for new locks,keys and labor for the locks to be installed.
something new that I found is a conbination dead bolt.  You program a 4 number code into it and when they leave you take thier code out.  It is a good sturdy lock and it lights up at night.  You dont ever have to worry about getting keys back and you will put your own code in for your self. you never have to worry about being locked out either.   I believe it will hold about 10 or 20 codes.  It take 5 min. to program.  I love mine.  I got it at Home depot.
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