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damage list

Thank you for your response to my first question. I needed a rational voice emotionally removed from the situation. When do I need to send a list of the damages to the client? They have moved to another location  but have not returned the keys nor have they paid june's rent. Is it 30 days once they return keys or 30 days after the lease expired which was June 30th?
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THE TENANT MUST NOTIFY THE LANDLORD BY CERTIFIED MAIL OF HIS/HER INTENTION TO MOVE, THE DATE OF MOVING AND HIS/HER NEW ADDRESS. NOTICE MUST BE SENT 15 DAYS PRIOR TO DATE OF MOVING. The landlord is entitled to keep all or part of the deposit for expenses actually incurred by him/her due to the fault of the tenant in damaging the premises or failing to pay rent. Any unpaid rent for the remainder of the term may usually be withheld. Many tenants lose their security deposit by moving out in the middle of the term or by not sending the required termination notice within the proper time.  There are several rules for the return of a security deposit in MD. It is a good idea to make sure you take a look at the landlord Tenant law for MD. GOOGLE: MD Landlord Tenant Law
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