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Tenant has not paid the rent

Hi I own a house in Az but I live in Ca my tenant as of today has not paid the rent this is the first time my tenant has done this. My question was how many days do I have to wait to give her a 5 day notice to pay rent or quit? Also should I charge her a late fee for not paying in 5 days even though Monday was a holiday?

The tenant is late when he fauils to pay the rent according to your rental/lease agreement. Any late fee charged would be according to that agreeement as well. If the tenant is late paying rent you can start the Arizona residential eviction process by providing the tenant with a written notice of default called a "five day notice". At a minimum, the five day notice must tell the tenant that the tenant is behind in the rent and state the amount of money the tenant must pay to cure the default. The notice must also tell the tenant, in clear language, that the lease will terminate unless the tenant pays the entire amount due on or before the expiration of five days from the date the tenant receives the five day notice.
One more thing I did not add to my thread, since I live in California my tenant make her payment in form of depositing the money in my account. I just notice this morning that the tenant made a deposit but paid short of the rent what do I do now?
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