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landlord did not do an initial walk in

we moved in right after the previous tenent and never did a walk through or signed anything about the condition of the house on move..after being burned by my last landlord.. i took pictures of all damage with date stamp...I have emailed the landlord to come by and do a walk through to sign off on pre existing damage but the emails are not responded to...will my pictures be enough proof of the condition on move or do i need him to sign and agree on the condition..I do not want any deposit withheld or used to fix damages that were here prior to us movi9ng in northern VA
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Pictures are an excellent way to provide proof of condition. Although in some courts, many judges do not consider "digital" photo's as proof. I would not only have pictures but also a statement of damages, sent to your landlord return receipt requested PLUS regular mail. This way it is shown that you have made all attempts at notifying him.
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