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Damages May Exceed Security Deposit

My tenants lease ends in a week. I have done a preliminary walk through with them and they have told me they are going to fix a lot of the items. However - they have started yet and they aren't very responsible. Right now the way the house is the damage charges exceed the security deposit (there is a broken storm door, broken window, multiple window treatments broken, trim missing, etc.). I am wondering how is the best way to go about collecting this. They are four students - and I have parent guarantees from three of them. Thanks, Lisa
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Lisa , get a estimate a couple of carpenters because you will need one to make some of the finished repairs  Home Depot will send someone on a door if you wish and split it up by three  with the parents after the security deposit is used up , right now you do not know what the damage cost is. The fouth person will have to pay something. I mean divide whats left over by 4
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