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question about unauthorized tenant

I have reason to believe that my tenant's boyfriend is living in the property.  The boyfriend did not sign the lease.  I feel that having an unauthorized tenant in the property is a liability for me.  Does anyone know what to do about this situation or how to approach it with the tenant?  Please help.

Well, the thing that sparked my curiosity is that her voicemail on her house phone says both his and her name.  To me, that is an indication that the guy is living there.  The thing I was concerned about is if he does damage to the property.  I checked my lease and I have a clause that says that the tenant can be held responsible for any damage done by her guests.  So, I think I'm OK.  By the way, I did do an inspection, but it wasn't a surprise to the tenant so she had plenty of time (about three weeks) to hide all the boyfriend's belongings.
She could say its only a guest, you have to be careful and do not harass, a couple of things you can do to cure you itchy curisoity, 1. DO A INSPECTION , look for suspicious item such as mens clothes ,and added furnitureor anything suspicious 2 His car parked , how long       3. the clincher, His mail. You might have to be a investigator for a while. , if his coming there he is living there.
Thank you for your response, Lisa.  I have drafted a simple notice to send to my tenant.
Send a notice regarding an unauthorized tenant.
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