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drive- by inspections

My landlady routinely does drive by inspections of the house we rent from her,and calls about every two-weeks worried we are not watering the trees wenough, we water once a week each tree for a half an hour, and we are the ones paying the water bill, we feel like we are being watched or stalked, is this legal?

There is a thing called quiet enjoyment but she is not walking in on you or making noise . or harassing you , she is in a way breaking your privacy , but how long , it would be tough to prove , is she causeing you hardship? You can do one of two things try talking which probably will not help or move.
Drive bys are no problem.  Calling to ask to water the trees are an issue, but not a large one.  You are responsible for the maintenance, so if the trees dies, you will have to replace them.
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