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New Landlord

I bought a duplex planning on living in half and renting the other out. The house came with a tenant of over 5 years. They had a verbal agreement and paid ridiculously low rent(part of the reason the property was sold). On their next due date I presented one of the tenants with a lease I constructed on this site and told him that he could take a couple days to read it over and provide feedback before signing. Since I'm new to this and they have lived here for a while I thought this was the appropriate thing to do. That was over a month ago. I've gone to their unit asking about it and was told one of them was working a lot and didn't get a chance to read it etc etc. So I waited another week and sent them a letter asking for a reply ASAP. That was two days ago and I still haven't gotten as much as an email regarding the lease. They paid their new rent amount on time, but I'm stuck without any written agreement or deposits. What do I do?
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