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pet deposits

I was wondering if pet deposits have to be refundable? Also, what is the price that I should be charging. I am in California.

It would be up to your discretion , how many pets? Rugs, they will chew your wood and urinate and stink your rental. 200.00 , they also dig holes and ruin your lawn. You might have to put new rugs in and sometimes if urine gets into the sheetrock, good luck. I had a beautiful lab and every thunder storm he would chew the sheetrock in the cellar. Some people with pets are just careless, check with your insurance company. Some companys will not cover certain dogs.
A "Service Aimal" is not considered a pet, therefore collecting a "pet deposit" is not usually permitted. The collection of a security deposit in general to be used for any damage is permitted.
My tenant is moving out on the first. They have two small dogs. My home is located in the state of Utah. They want to know about their $200. pet deposit?, if it will be refunded? I think , because of carpet cleaning and wear and tear... no. Please help.
I've gone to just charging a $25 dollar a month pet fee.  A pet deposit would usually will be a one time collection of something like $500 dollars that would be refunded at the end of the lease.  The fee makes you $300 a year that you get to keep or an extra $1200 for 4 years.  Then like you said if there is any damage you just take it out of the regular deposit.  I'd pitch it like this tell them that you usually charge $25 dollars per pet but because they are military you'll just charge one fee for both pets.
Pet deposits cover damage or issues related to the pets, like the example that you mentioned. You are right about a deposit is a deposit. Pet urine, for example, despite carpet cleaning, is almost impossible to get rid of. Carpet looks clean but stinks. In that case you have a little extra to put towards replacement. Then there's the pest control issues, fleas and ticks. I always include that in the lease with a full disclosure of the dogs, size, names and assurance of veterinary vaccines. Additionally, dog owners must have liability insurance for their dog. Your insurance will not cover tenant pet issues, like a dog bite. The pet fee sounds like a good idea as long as they have a liability policy for their pets.
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