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Dumb question

Can a landlord serve a termination of tenancy document to a tenant, or does this need to be done by a third party?

Do I have the right as a landload to lockout the tenant for non payment of rent....?
If you trust your tenant you could do it ,have you checked your tenant laws how it should be done in your state,also if you do not trust your tenant you could have a constable do it for proof from him with a receipt. That way he can't say you never gave him one or you could write a letter saying you are ending his tenancy and send it certified and then hand him the document a few days later.
Absolutely no, do not, you could face serious consequences if you do  this like 3 times against what is owed to you , that goes with water and electricity also, it is called self help eviction , only a Judge can rule in your favor to get this person out which means a court judgement. If the person proves harassment they also can cost you money, stay away , let the courts handle it.
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