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Agreed to a date to get out and now refuses to leave

I have a tenant who agreed to move out on a certain date. I have a text message as proof of the fact that he agreed to move out by this date. He now is refusing to move and is telling us to evict him. Because he agreed to move out, I already have the apartment rented for this next month so these people now have nowhere to go. Since I have proof that he agreed to move out, is there a quicker way to make him leave other than go through the full eviction process? I''m not sure if it changes things since I have proof that he agreed to move out? Thoughts? Ideas?
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I'm not sure if this is" good" advice, but I have been in a very similar situation and it was recommended to me by not only a fellow landlord but a lawyer. If you are not ready to deal with an eviction and all the $$ and headaches that go along with it you could always ask them" What will it take to get you to leave." then consider what you could pay them to get them out of your property. It was suggested to me the total of 1 months rent.  The lawyer sugested I pay the cost of  an eviction ( $1000 - $1500 )  I kinda thougt that was a bit steep but I suppose it depends on you'r level of desperation.
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