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Refusal to repair damage /Abandonment

I contacted my tenant to let her know that I would be doing an inspection. At the end of the call she stated by the way there is water leaking in the basement. She should have called me. An inspection revealed the water damage came from her refridgerator's icemaker line. The water damaged my laminate floor and caused mole in the ceiling in the basement.  I sent her a written notice stating that she had 4 weeks to make the repairs. She was to contact my maintenance guys to find out what she needed to purchase for them to make the repairs. She didn't. This is all in her lease.  She was also told that she had to clean the house several areas where very unkept and a fire hazard. Also, in the lease.Repairs were to be completed byAugust 14.  The tenant has since not paid and  broken the lease by abandoning the property but has not returned my keys. Can I change my locks if the house is completely empty and abandoned at this time?
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I would go ahead and make repairs and rent it out.  But take pictures and document everything just in case.  You will probably never see any repair money from her so I would suggest you get on with your life.
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