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question for landlords regarding sec.8

I am renting a small house in Pa.  I have an excellent relationship with my landlord, always pay rent on time, never complain and am happy to do minor repairs myself . On the occasions that the landlords have visited, they always comment on how lovely their house looks.  In addition, I have turned what was an impossible wasteland of a back yard into the most beautiful perennial garden. Unfortunately I am in terrible financial distress and at age 64, the prospects are grim. Would it be feasible to approach the landlord about becoming a sec. 8 landlord, once I apply (and will surely qualify for)? . Although the house is somewhat eccentric and not at all 'upscale' (it was unrented for quite some time before I moved in) I love it and would hate to leave.  But I do not want to 'freak out' the landlord. Under the circumstances, what would any of you as landlords think if this were asked of you  by your tenant? Thank you so much in advance.

I am a landlord in PA. I would consider it provided the tenant was as you say. I have no idea how long you have been a tenant but if you have been there a good bit of time and have shown that you can keep up the place, I would consider it. If this landlord does not now much about the Section 8 process, this could scare him off, so I would provide as much information on that as possible.
Thank you so for your reply, Denise. I have been here a little over a year. The landlords are lovely people but I suspect that they don't care too much about the property, judging from the state that it was in when I moved in, and from what I have heard from the neighbors regarding the former tenants. If they receive their check on time and are not asked for anything they are quite happy. I was able to find a brief list of the requirements a property must comply with in order to qualify for section 8, but I do not know if there are others, and if the paperwork is onerous they will get the heebie-jeebies. I would be willing to do some of the work myself, but if there are any big ticket items I do not know about, I would not be able. I am sort of between a rock and a hard place.. I know they would hate to see me leave, but I also sense that they think I am a bit dim for putting so much time and effort (plus  quite a few hundred dollars) into a property which does not belong to me.
Can you tell me what a section 8 is?
Section 8 is the former name of what is now known as HCVP, Housing Choice Voucher Program.  It's a state funded program that provides affordable housing opportunities to the client's they serve...taken from mission statement of Dekalb Housing Authority.
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