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Landlord Judgment Collections Training

Judgment Hub is offering a four day series of webinars covering judgment collections for landlords commencing 7/31 at 7:15 PM EST.  Email for details.

I am very interested in this series. My email is
I would like to attend this training. Please  e-mail me at:
Please  let me know when this is available. We need some help on how to collect judgement from a tennant who did not pay rent and strorage fees for over 6 months.
I too need to know how to collect on a judgment for an evicted tenant who still owes the rent and court fees, and stole my personal refrigerator.
Sorry for the delay on response, I got called out of town due to a death in the family but I am back now and will send everyone information.
I sent Kim & Mary a reply, but it does not appear that the site is letting my put the full information on here.  That said, here is a breakdown of what is offered.  Money judgment collection training immerses you in the field of enforcing money judgments by introducing you to the concepts of case investigation, wage garnishment, bank account levy, placing a lien and the type of third party interview techniques.  4 Session Training 1: Introduction 2: Acquiring Judgments & Paperwork 3: Enforcement Remedies for Judgments & Use 4: Case Completion & Moving Forward Toward a New Case  The $100.00 training includes assistance with five cases, support and trouble shooting for six months. Judgment Collections: * Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11:00 AM EDT; 5:00 PM EDT * Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 4:00 PM EDT; 9:00 PM EDT  Michelle Germann 1-727-537-0613
I have a class series starting on Sunday at 8:30 PM Eastern to work through this process.
We do have a new series commencing Friday.
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