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can someone help advise me on the proper steps

I have tenants renting for about  1 1/2 yrs. Have been behind on rent for sometime. I have tried to be patient and work w/ them for several months. The husband does not work/ he takes care of the kids. She keeps going from job to job like pizza & such. Which is fine ,but by herself she cant make it. She still owes for most of  July and all of Aug. Plus all the late fees that she hasnt even touched on the last few months. Long story short as I can . ha  I finally sent her a letter telling her to reply w/ where she stands & when I can expect all rent due .  So yesterday I recieved 2 page letter of 30 day notice. And since she said she never signed a 2nd lease ,how it is now a month to month and all of the requirments in the first lease on late fees and such, she said no longer applies. She also states that since she has to worry about her family, that she needs to save her money to be able to move. And she would pay me when she can afford to.  What correct steps should I take?
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Every state tenant laws are different .even on eviction, you have your hands full. the longer you wait the more it will cost you, you have to check with eviction laws in MO, with children involved some judges lean towards the welfare of the kids, its going to cost you money, they could claim a hardship case, I been some what thru this and unfortunately every thing in Landlord Land is not fair, thats why Background checks are important
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