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Charge for Background Check and Who To Use

My wife and I are first time LL renting her deceased mother's house next door.   I have read here the importance of doing background/credit checks.  Should we charge an application fee for this and does anyone have a recommendation for who to use?  We're in Oklahoma.  Thanks, John.

i'm a member of National Tenant Network and also use Transunion smartmove to screen people.
I decided to use and it was very easy.  Price seemed good for the results.  Immediate response.
I'm a first time LL  a question was asked by a couple if the LL shoould charge an application fee for the background/creditcheck could there be an answer for this?
I used E-renter and it didn't turn up anything.  However, when I searched local state public records,  I found all kinds of things including felony charges.  I'd be careful, very careful who you choose.  Try to check as many sources as possible, and if there are too many red flags, pass!
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