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Sue for Rent Due

Hello, I have a tenant that has fallen behind in rent and their lease ends next month and I believe they won't pay their rent.  Has anyone sued a tenant to recovery rent that was not paid?  If so any tips on the process would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Every state is different , you have to check with your landlord laws in your state , do not wait, go to your library and check landlord right in MN. In Massachusetts you have a 14 day notice, which if they pay you it is all forgotten so to speak, check as soon as you can.
I have gone thru small claims in CONNECTICUT> What a nightmare but got my judgement both times. getting the cash back is longer but I sit back 6 months then have the sherriff serve their bank, by then they feel safe and put their cash in...and you get it! Most housing courts have free booklets on "how to sue" good luck and be patient...eventually the wheels of justice come around be sure to send a demand letter for rent due, see free legal forms
Thank you both for your input.  I filed for eviction today - even though their lease expires next month I felt that they may continue to stay in the unit plus I felt that eviction is the first step prior to suing (sp?) for rent.  My court summons is Sept 2 so wil see what will come of this.  I let my guard down - my first tenants are the best in the world and gave the next tenants the benefit of the doubt and it has been tough.  I am a new landlord so in some way am happy this happened early on so I can learn lessons and help others later on who have similar issues.  Thanks again.
Hello all, I to have tenants that have been shaky. They have leased my property for 12 months and then we converted to a month by month rental agreement. Although the tenant has been paying the rent by the 8th of the month with a late fee, this month (August) the tenant has not payed and has been ignoring my text messages and phone calls. I decided to park my car down the street from the rental unit and wait until the tenant showed up at the property, which he did and boy was he shocked to see me. He gave me this BS story about "My job won't let me bring my phone into my work area anymore" this is total BS. The tenant wrote me a check and a few days after deposit it was returned for insufficient funds. I went to my local court house and paid $30 to have the sheriffs serve him the 3 day pay rent or quit. Since I don't believe he will pay I am preparing myself for the next step. Once this is over I think I'm gonna sell this property and be done with this for good!
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