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Complaint from old neighbors regarding our tenant

We are renting our previous home to a single woman and children.  For the past two years, they have never been late with the rent and take very good care of the home.  There have been no complaints from our old neighbors until her 20 year old moved in.  Since then, our ex-next door neighbors have complained that he has been on their property and done things that are upsetting to them. They have called the police and without pictures, the police can't do anything.  Essentially, no proof that it is him except for one incident. Now, of course, they are not getting along. The property is located in a homeowners association as well.  We don't want to lose them as tenants, but don't want complaints either.  How do we proceed?
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Is the 20 year old on the lease? you could write a nice but firm letter telling them that if the problem persists you will end there lease. or if the 20 year old is not on lease he has to move.
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