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rental problem

I rented my Palm Desert home to a couple that checked out prior to moving in. They signed the lease gave me a check for the first month and security deposit, I gave them the keys. They moved in while the check bounced and I can't get anything out of them.  I served the three day to pay or quit but would this be considered fraud. How can I get them out sooner.

Check the tenant laws in your state but it usually takes a court order from a judge to evict a tenant that means taking them to court .
It is illegal as well to write a bad check. You should also go to the local police department to press charges for writing a bad check. I agree you will have to legally evict them but you could use this to your advantage to get them out by telling them you are going to have them arrested for writing a bad check if they are not out within hours and leave no damage. Agree wth them if they do that consider it a wash that you got them out so quickly.
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