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what do you ask on a rental application?

what can you ask on a rental application?
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To be sure, you can always go to an apartment community and ask them for a rental application to get an idea of typical questions asked on a rental application.  For private landlords, much of the information is the same. Standard are: Full legal names of prospective tenants, any additional occupants (if any), contact info, you can ask for SS number/birthdays if running a credit/criminal background check, rental history (how far back is up to you. Some people require 1 year of history, others ask for 3-5 years - preferably from an unbiased source such as a prior apartment, not friends/family), employment history (again, how much is up to you - but you want to get an idea of job stability), salary (typically the gross salary should be 2.5 to 3 times the rent amount). Everything you ask, you have the right to verify.
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