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Tenant with felony charge

I am a brand new landlord trying to rent my house for the first time.  I found a very charming family who is eager to move in.  They own a business and it appears that money is not the issue, although they did admit some credit issues.  I run some checks and found a pending felony charge for 2nd degree theft on the woman of the house.  She is scheduled for sentencing Sep 13th.   I have strong reasons to believe they would be nice people to have, but now I am confused with this pending class C felony charge.  Should I pass?  Or, perhaps, should I rent it to them?

If they have both bad credit and pending criminal charges, I say pass. There are plenty of "nice" people in the world who have good credit and aren't criminals.
Yeah, I passed... Now they are disgruntled, accusatory and want their application fee back.  I'll give it back to them.  I am so lucky to have checked as many sources as I did.  Having those people would be a nightmare.  They quickly confirmed for me that declining their application was the right thing to do. Important lesson to learn: never judge people based on how they look and how nice they are.  The appearances don't determine the character.  Thanks Brian D!
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