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I have read that under the landlord to tenant law the landlord(ME) must provide heating,electricity as well as gas for the tenant.Is this true?Or if I state in the rental agreement does the tenant then have the responsiblity to take care of those three things.... You can email with a response to

A landlord in most circumstances must make sure that there is electricity and heat and working plumbing available. As far as whom is responsible for paying, this can be different according to each state in requirements BUT usually it is what is specified in the lease.
Robert, I think what the law is trying to state is that your property has to be CAPABLE of supplying gas/electric (either or both depending on your property) and air conditioning and heating. The law does not mean that you as the landlord have to *PAY* for the utilities. My tenant pays for all her own utilities (electric, phone, water, etc.). Your responsibility as a landlord is to keep the property fit and habitable which means that you have to provide maintenance for the heating/cooling and electrical components of the property. Hopefully that answers your question. Good luck!
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