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Paint request from renter

I just had a new renter move in on 9/1. There were some mis-colored paint patches on the living room wall so I agreed to repaint the entire living room. She asked if she could paint the baseboards and trim and I said yes. I even gaver her paint. The next day she said she shouldnt have to pay for it and I should fix it. Since it is only cosmetic and not safety or function related I want to deny the request. She moved in less then one week ago. I want to start on the right foot. How do I tell her nicely I will not repaint the baseboards and trim at my cost? Thanks.

I think your paying. She asked and you agreed to paint "The entire living room." Baseboards and trim are part of the room.
sorry maybe I was not clear. She knew i was only painting the walls. then she asked if SHE could paint the baseboards and trim. I said sure. then she decided she wanted ME to pay for it. She knows I only agreed to paint the walls and not the trim. She is asking me to come over and see the situation so I can ADD painting trim in addition to painting the walls. With that said, does she have any basis? I dont think I am obligated to paint. Besides, shouldnt she have negotiated this before moving in? How do I tell her no politely? My condo was built in 1978 and has no peeling paint. Thanks.
if you want to lose a tenant then just tell her NO ...if you want a happy tenant pay 30 bucks or so and paint the trim
i dont want to lose a tenant, but I dont want to encourage a demanding tenant. she wants me to come over and look at the trim and also "other things". One of which is a minor hairline crack in a door, another cosmetic request. Besides, she wants the baseboards and trim in the whole house redone, not just the living room which will incur more than 30 dollars. She only signed a lease for 9 months so I dont think my top priority is to keep her happy, just safe. Regardless, the main reason for my post was to see if there was anything legally binding to force me to paint the baseboards and trim. If not, it is a simple no. I feel i need to say no here or else it will just get worse.
Well, it seems to me you have already made your decesion and as long as you had her fill out a form and sign it when she moved in that all was good, you will be fine from a legal prospective.  The lesson to be learned is have the tennent walk through several days before the move in and have your first inspection/discussion of what if anything will be done. For me this would be the soonest I would accept money..... after that document is agreed on. Next I show up when they move in and see if any legitimate items that may have been overlooked has popped up.  Going forward I do have a $50.00 repair clause in the lease that depending upon whats going on-needing work determine if I want/need to get involved.  Final note and a little off subject, inspect your properties quarterly.
Hi Doug,  I think that is great advice. I always learn something brand new from each renter. She had viewed the property twice prior to moving in and was OK, but I never had her sign anything other than the lease which states 'as-in" condition. I never argue on a safety or functional aspect but since this is opinion only (I think the place looks fine, she thinks paint is needed) it is a good idea to be extremely clear on what we both agree on, ie the walkthrough before and having a SIGNED acceptance page where they know it is kind of a speak now or accept it moment. It would have saved me this headache. Definitely adding that process and form to next time! :-)
Put everything in writing.  With the cost of everything going up I have the tenant is responsible for the first $150 including service calls.  You definitely want to inspect because this will keep tenants  from bothering you but they may not let you know of problems also.Once a lease is signed let them know the lease is gospel. Fill out inspection sheet with tenant , take pictures. You can never have to much documentation. If they are not happy after the inspection and things cant get worked out. Return their money and find anoth renter. Always require cash in the beginning because a personal check can bounce and a money order may have been cancelled and never sign a lease prior to the tenant.
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