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tn property fraud.

A contracting  co who was hired to do  repairs and aquire a tenant, put through the back-round check.. and then have our lease agreement we emailed, signed with the walk tru mailed  after we ok the tenant.  has  posed as the legal owner of the property and taken off with the deposit and rent check. We knew something was wrong when he kept saying the paperwork was in the mail with the check. He has done the repair for the other properties but our tenants knew we were the rightful owners. This was the only home that the tenants his company put in place. The police say we cannot press charges for the lease is not in our name even tho we are the rightful owners of the property. We live in California and the properties are in TN. The tenants have to press charges. We have to have a legal rep in Tn for we are medically unable to fly. I would never have thought this was posssible and knowing we are on to him he showed up to the home on the 31of Aug probally to get the Sep rent. What can we do

Well hopefully legal rep means attourney who specializes in RE Law. However you can also contact the TN state contractors enforcement. If they are a contracting company you may have other legal remidies, good luck. It was guys like them that put me in the PM business. One company out here has really been screwing over home owners and I have picked up 5 properties from them so far.
Thank you for the heads up.I will do that because the Maryville Tn police say that I have a verbal contract with this Co and Man and It is a civil matter. I have finally been able to enter the property with the rep and he did not do any of the repairs to rent ready the property that we paid him for either!!!! I bet if contractor did this to one of the policemen there would be a way to go after him.....! I am just afraid for the other folks that are going to be taken by him. Thank you for your help. I am also going to add him to the RIP OFF .com site.
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