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rejecting a tenant

I have a prospective tenant who does not speak English. Her 17-year old son speaks English and is the one that I have talked to. Although her son would be able to translate for her, I don't feel comfortable with the situation. Can I reject the tenant based on the fact that she doesn't speak English? HELP!!

I'm not an attorney, but I assume you charge a deposit and fees for processing an application.  A lot of times, people's credit history will rule them out, as long as you use the same standards for all applicants.  That is what I have found.  On the two occasions that I have accepted tenants with poor credit histories, even with larger deposits, I have been burnt.  Hope this helps.
Thanks for the information and response, Susan!
No, absolutely not. I have numerous tenants that don't speak English. I do not speak Spanish. We have always found another way of getting around the language barrier. If her son speaks English, or if you have another tenant who is bi-lingual, Use them. Brush up on your Landlord Tenant Agreement found on the Attorney Generals website. Rejecting a tenant for the reasons you have stated is against the law and you could be sued.
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