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problems with condo prop mgtment not fixing ice damage to condos

Does anyone have a good letter to send to property management. They have been promising to fix pipes between my ceiling and the upstairs neighboors floor since last winters storm. My plan is to stop paying the condo fee until someone in management returns my calls and emails.
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I would write something like "Due to the lack of action on behalf of ____ Management, despite repeated requests and assurances that _____ Management would repair the pipes running _________, my attorney _______ will be contacting the Management office on 10/22/10 with details about pending litigation, unless said pipes have been repaired. Furthermore, I will decline to pay any management fees until the litigation has been resolved. Between now and 10/21/10, communications may be directed to me, after which time they may be directed to my attorney." Obviously you'll want to change the details of all that, but it's obviously time to play hard ball. You may also want to deliver that letter to the highest ranking person in your condo's management office, along with a verbal summary. Best of luck!
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