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Dogs:  Security Deposit & Monthly Fee

Hello, can anyone give me a ball park figure for Security Deposit for a dog and if you charge an additional monthly pet fee for a dog?  Also, I have read both pros and cons of dogs - some have stated that their renters with dogs tended to be longer term, good tenants but others reported problems with urine in carpets, chewing on wood, and damage to landscaping.  Would you like your opinions, thank you.

Pet owners are a huge percentage of the renter market, so I do rent to them. To get your money's worth, actually include a PETS WELCOME note in your rental advertisement or listing, so that you can tap directly into that market and lease the place faster. That said, I would collect an additional half-month's security deposit, and if you can, try to sign a longer-term lease agreement.
Thanks for the input on pet owners and the security deposit.  Do you also charge an additional monthly pet fee and if so how much?
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