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New Lease / No rent

I really don't know what to do. On the 1st of this month we renewed a lease with a renter and it is the 27TH and still no rent. I have sent notices and he keeps putting me off by saying, 'next week.' I am going to be sending out,today, the form (state specific) that says he has 10 days to pay or quit. My issue is that Friday is the 1st- Rent is due. In my lease I give them a 5day "grace" period, Can I send the 10day 'pay or quit' letter again on the 10th or do I have to wait till 10days after my grace period?  I'm sorry everyone, I know I am rambling, but I simply do not know how to handle this situation alltogether. Any feedback would be appreciated. I have been reading my state's laws, but I'm just not sure how to approach this I suppose. Please help.
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After the 10 day waiting period (this would be roughly 10/7/10) file immediately for eviction in your local rent court, for the full amount that they owe at that time. Don't accept a partial payment in the meantime, and if all this sounds harsh, bear in mind that it takes a LONG time from start to finish to evict someone - they'll have at least a month or two to pull together the money they owe you.
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