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late fee charge

I have a tenant for over a year now, the rent was never paid before the 10 th, eventually after e mails etc it would be paid around 16th - 20 th of each month, despite  a late fee clause in the lease agreement of 10 % I never enforced it. When the renewal came up I renewed the lease stipulating however that the rent must be paid in accordance with the lease terms. In sept the rent was once again late, I sent a e mail stating that if this was not rectified I would charge a late fee. October came and after the 13 th having received no rent I sent a late fee charge, eventually on the 20th the rent was paid. How can I enforce this late fee charge if the tenant chooses to ignore the fee, must I send a statement each month ???   ger
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The first thing I would do is sit down with them and explain, in very clear terms, the fact that you will no longer accept late rent without a late fee, and if they pay the rent late without paying the late fee, you will file for eviction over it. They may scoff at first, but when they get that first eviction notice over it, they'll probably change their tune (or leave, in which case you can find a more responsible tenant).
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