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email rent collection

Please advise if you have a document to email the rent due to the renter. I am in need of the way to collect rent the first of each month.  Do you have a  document that I can email to my renter to collect the rent in email? Thanks  Carol

Carol  To my knowledge you cannot get paid by e-mail, but we have had tenants that use Paypal, you can e-mail them the bill and they can send the money to your Paypal account.  The only issue is who pays the fee, which is 2 to 3 %.  We also are starting to use a business service from our bank that is called "Express Invoicing".  You create the tenant as a customer, then you can e-mail them the rent as an invoice.  The tenant needs to set up a payment account, which is just giving their account and routing #s, and they pay the rent by electornic check.  The cost is $10.00 a month for up to 20 invoices (tenants).  I am sure there are other ways to send your bill by e-mail and get paid electronically.  Good Luck.    Michael
Check out, this is a property management web page completely free for up to 4 properties after that number you have to pay, they offer a rent collection service all you have to do is to pay a fee of 5 dollars a month, otherwise if you have a chase account yo can use quick pay (a new service from chase) that yo can use to request and to send money completely free within the US, and no matter who your tenant bank with there are no restriction or fees check it out (they use emails to request the money and to confirm transactions). Good Luck, Oscar
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