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Unauthorized Pet Lease Violation

I have a tenant that just moved in in October 2010.  In November I discovered she had a puppy.  Per our lease, tenants must have prior approval for a pet and pay a pet deposit on top of their regular deposit.  I contacted the tenant and told her she had two weeks to get rid of the pet.  3 weeks later she gave me her 30 days notice that she was moving and I told her that I would let her out of the lease since she still had not gotten rid of the pet.  I mailed her out notice to quit and stated she gave me verbal notice and that she was also in violation and was going to be evicted if she didn't move.  She has a $450 deposit with me.  I was going to keep at least a portion due the the pet violation.  If she breaks a 12 month lease and she is in violation, can I keep the entire deposit?  She told me the puppy has gone to the bathroom on the carpet.  

You can keep any "actual damages" caused by her breaking her lease, which in your case will probably be the entire $450 and then some.
No she did not break her lease you agree to let her off from her lease you should have waited till she moved out on her own and then file for breaking her leased.but as for the deposit you might be able to keep the whole thing.if any damage to the place. Good Luck.
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