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Long Term lease with Renters/tenants

I am new to this and have not rented out home yet. I (we) want to rent out  our home in Texas for long term renter but do not want to sell.   How to find the right tenant or renter...and wanting them to rent home as if their own.  Rent in the area we live can be 1,500 to 2,000 mint condition house.  our home is not mint condition and if rent was low enough they may like it and stay.  (3 bedroom 1 bath separate living/dining/kitchen. 2 car detached garage (house is great for family of 4--but not bigger).  central a/c and heat).  great location for school and commute to dt about 15 min freeway 25 min back road. it is a prime location. )  to allow the renter or tenant to make it home ..with the right to fix--repair any condition that they want?  they will be responsible for all what ever.  Is this allowed in renting any home?  some minor repairs are needed such a plumbing and having electrical looked over etc just to be on the safe side.  I know living in a rent house at times things go wrong and landlord is responsible-- but am feeling if i found the right tenant for long term this might work out.  Just my ideal.  home built in 1950 and all original bath and kitchen.  if finding a long term renter who would like to rent and fix home as of their own could be good or bad or allowed?  Of course whatever they do to better the house would have to stay if the moved.  I would not allow any structure tear down (not allowed) and perhaps replacing bathroom or kitchen cabinets could improve the look. Just wondering if what i am thinking is allow good or bad.  If they are really interested with low rent option it could work.  any i could read....thanks  
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The landlord must repair any condition that materially affects the tenant's health and safety. Under Texas law, by renting  the property, the landlord guarantees that the unit will be a fit place to live. Under certain conditions, the Tenant and the landlord may have a written agreement that the Tenant will make needed repairs. The landlord does not have a duty to pay for or make repairs if a Tenant or tenant's guests cause an unsafe or unhealthy condition through negligence, carelessness, abuse or accident—unless the condition resulted from "normal wear and tear." Also, the landlord MUST provide smoke detectors. A tenant may not waive that provision, and  the tenant may not disconnect or disable the smoke detector.    
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