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Failed Inspection

My tenant failed her bi-annual inspection.  After giving her two weeks to correct everything, she asked for another week which I gave her.  Well, three weeks later nothing was done.  The carpet throughout the house is filthy with dirty spots where the dog has urinated all over  it. Not to mention litter, dirt and dirty clothes on the floor.  The bathrooms shower walls now have mold and mildew growing on it. And the yard is full of leaves and pine needles.  Nothing was cleaned, what can or should I do since she has failed the second inspection?

You have to find a specific clause in the lease agreement, that she's violating, and then serve her with an eviction notice citing that specific lease violation.
You can also take a soft approach which would be evaluate her commute to work, her family size and the use of the yard, where her family lives etc.  Size up whether or not she really wants to live there and where she'd rather live.   Then in the conversation just say "you know that's funny, I was online and saw a place right near there for a few hundred less.    Look if we're going to tackle that bathroom it could be a bigger construction project.  It's up to you, if you're thinking of getting a better place soon I'm ok with breaking the lease so the construction doesn't bother you."    
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