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Does tenant need to put down a rug for noise?

I have a house that I rent out in  Western NY.  The house is kind of like a duplex, but floor plan is split up so that there are a couple of rooms in apartment A that are above apartment B.  My apartment A tenant has been there for over 5 years. She is single, lives alone.  I just got apartment B rented to a small family.  Since they moved in, they have been complaining about the "walking noise" of tenant A.  They say she "paces" and that it disturbs their granddaughter from napping and from sleeping in.  The floors are hardwood in living room (which is the issue).   I have not had any other complaints from tenants in the past (there were 2 other families living there since  the time that I took over ownership.  Do I have to install carpets???
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That's a judgment call. You don't HAVE to do anything, but if you think the Apt B tenants will leave if you don't, and you'd rather keep them than find new tenants, then maybe it's worth investing $100 in a big throw rug or something.
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