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Is it possible to get tenant to assume cost of repairs for wear and tear of items that were in good and working condition when the tenant moved in? Examples: A broken kitchen drawer, a malfuncioning washer.

Communication is key to keeping a tenancy running smoothly. Did you do a move in checklist ?
Do you think there is real problems at your house. I make sure mine is in tip top shape from the time someone moves in. However there is always something that can break. Last time it was the furnace and disposal for me. A outlet either works or it dont. Maybe you need a new breaker in the panel. Also I agree with Mary Ann. Comunicate Maybe there is problems with your house. Dont get mad, check it out for yourself. Best of luck to you. Hope everything works out for you
There is no line. Keep accurate records. If outlets aren't working get them fixed. I know some on my outlets are on a light switch, make sure they are aware of these. Always do a move-in checklist, and make sure they initial and sign the sheet, this is your saving grace come move-out time.  If your repairman continues to go back and things are in working order, and after discussing the issues throughly with your tenant, and his "phantom" issues don't get resolved, you have two choices.  1. End the agreement with a 30 day noitce 2. Suck it up, and endure it.  Hope this was helpful
Yes, according to the lease agreement the tenant has to pay the repair charges. Talk to your tenant about the lease term and if she still don't pay the charges, then evict her. I use tenant screening services from Hunter Rentals & Property Management, a real estate firm in Texas. They take of everything from tenant screening, maintenance, lease agreement to rent management.
How to determine if a tenant is responsible or not?  For instance a clogged toilet?
Have you talked to your tenant about this situation? If not, then you definitely need to do it. Together with your tenant you can make lists of issues of  high, moderate and low urgency. And ask him to contact you only in case of high urgency issues. And he can inform you about other repairs during property inspection.
Unless you can prove misuse (preferably from a professional repair tech), you are on the hook for it. Go on Craigslist and replace with another model. Done and done
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