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How do I establish electric service between tenants?

I am an out-of-state landlord for a 3-2-2 home in Houston.  In the old days, I had a tickler notice on file with HL&P so that electric service would revert to being in my name between tenants.  Energy deregulation has come to Texas since I last had to do this and now, evidently, HL&P is no longer able to provide this service.    I say that because I found a phone number HL&P but a recording for a company called 'Reliant' answered.  I found a web site for HL&P but it went to some kind of "you have a choice" site.  The Texas PUC pages I read did not provide any hints as to how to establish electric service (but they do tell me how to file a complaint and under what conditions electric service can, and can not, be terminated).  So, how does an out-of-state landlord get the power turned back on and establish a tickler relationship?  Thanks for any insight you can provide.

We also live in Texas and use TXU energy. They have a specific department that I call to establish "clean and show" temporary service to the premise. The number I call is 1-800-316-2135. This works for houses/apartments too. They do bill you at a business rate. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info.  I live in NJ and my property is in TX.  NJ has energy deregulation but it was implemented very differently than in TX.  We still have the electric utility to sign up with and then we and shop for a lower cost alternative, if we want.  With this approach there is zero change in How to Establish Electric Service.  I ended up with a company called Bounce Energy after trying to reach a bunch of dead ends, unreturned telephone messages, 'deals' that were anything but useful to a landlord, lead generation sites, etc.  For my next vacancy I'll compare Bounce with TXU (assuming they are both still in business).  Unlike here in NJ, it is not possible to set up a 'tickler file' with a TX supplier.  Landlords have to schedule new service each time they have a vacancy.  It is now a matter of shopping for the supplier that supports a short-term service and has pricing to reflect that reduced risk on their part (I won't run 2 months behind on payments where a tenant might).
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