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bed bugs

Can we charge the tenant's security deposit (which isn't enough) when we have to pay to have the apartment treated for bed bugs?  The bed bugs were not in the apt when they moved in.

The tenant is responsible unless it’s HUD/ Affordable. If I were you I would pay to have it done then add the charges to the tenants ledger to be paid within a certain timeframe. If they fail to pay evict.
I am going to guess the tenant brought the bugs in. I recently moved from a place where I was getting bit up by these bugs very badly. The landlord is the one who brought the bugs in the house. I went a few months with horrible sleep, I have scars all over... It is not a fun experience. Do to law, I would advice you get them taken care of immediately. The cheapest solution is to buy a steamer that gets over 160 degrees. I got one on walmart for under $150 that was strong. You will have to steam all areas of the house for a good 2 months. I would advice, however, that if you can afford it, just have a professional bedbug steamer do the work for you. It is a lot of work. These things can go a long time without eating (up to a year) which is what makes them hard to get rid of.
This issue is really very disturbing. When I discussed it with my manager at Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc, he stated that the landlord should be the one to resolve the matter.
The landlord for concern of their own property should really help to get the infestation taken care of as soon as possible.   If it was the tenants that brought them into the house you could speak with them to try and work together  to resolve the issue. If it is not taken care of the tenants may need to be removed from the property due to it being an unsafe living condition.
I believe this website has an addendum that may have some of the wording that you are looking for. I have never used that form but the others that I have needed have helped me, and I was even able to change or add my own language. Let me see if there is a link I can post up...
Yes, just like including a gardner in the lease, an exterminator is "extra" and they have to pay for it; unless they want to live with bugs.  However, you should be able to amend their rent for any bug infestation vs. a few spidies.  If it were rats, I'd say that would be your responsibility and you wouldn't want to ignore it.
Unfortunately, it is very possible for a tenant to bring in bedbugs, especially if they use second hand furniture. A landlord is required to get rid of the bugs, even if they were not on the premises before the tenant arrived. Fortunately, you may add the cost of the pest control to your tenants rent, and if he/she does not pay this amount, you may sue him/her. Sending lots of luck your way!
So I take it the Landlord is responsible. Thank you for you help. Bummed in California
It would be in everybody's interest to fix this as quickly as possible, one so the tenants are not forced out of a contract with no where to go, two so the property does not get a bad rep. Work together on it if you can but remedy the problem ASAP. Oh if the living unit become unlivable the tenants do have the right t be releases from the contract with no penalty and they must receive the full security back. If they are good tenants make sure they stay.
CA residence family moves in 15 days ago & bed bugs have been confirmed In the house.  It appears as if bed bugs were there when the previous tenants lived there.  Is there any way to recoup extraction costs from previous tenants or is it a landlord cost?
ooo thats a tough one. it's the landlord saying one thing and the tenant another. not sure if you can charge for that. i think you would need to consult an attorney, however that would cost even more money.
In Minnesota, landlords are required to treat and pay for bed bug problems.
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