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Can I buy renters insurance for my tenant  in NJ?

The tenants have not purchased renters insurance, my lease does not specify that I will buy for them if they dont buy themselves. I cant seem to find any information on line as to whether it is legal for me to purchase for them. I have heard of other people doing that but dont know if it is legal in NJ.   THanks
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You can require a tenant to purchase "Renters Insurance" and if they do not - it is a breach of the lease, and you can give them notice to comply. I do not believe you can actually purchase nor would I want to. I would, however contact your insurance agent and ask him if it is possible. If you find that you can purchase the insurance on their behalf, I would put in the notice to comply, that if they do not comply within.........XXX days, that insurance will be purchased and added as additional rent to their periodic payment. If they fail to pay, you can evict.
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