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What to do when a tenant harasses other tenants?

One of the tenants constantly harass  the other tenant.  when she hears him outside in the vestibule, she would immediately rush out and start yelling and threatening to fight with him.  One time, she got so out of control that she used a broom stick and indiscriminately wacked at everything in sight, causing damage to both door frames, breaking pieces off and denting the other tenants door and front outer door.  Luckily, the other tenants ran back into the apartment before she could hit them with it.  I confronted her father, who claimed that she did not do any of it and that the other tenants caused the damage.  After a few more outbursts from her, the other tenant reported her to the police and filed a report.   Most recently, she had another episode where she slammed the front door back so hard that it smashed one of the mailboxes.   In her milder moments, she screamed at the top of her lungs within her apartment.  I don't know what to do.  Her lease isn't up until March 2012.  Please help!
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Take pictures for your files! Send notice to quit or proper notice for the location/state that your property is located. Call the police if she gets out of hand again, if you can.
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