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Keys to all doors

Do I have to provide keys to all the exterior doors in my home to a tenant? We have 3 exterior doors (front, side and back) and they all have different keys. I would prefer to NOT provide a key for the front door and only provide keys for the side and back doors because the front door is a very old door in which the lock would not be easy to change. The side and back doors are very appropriate for accessing the house as they are right off the driveway and deck. The front door would still be usable, but just not be able to be opened from the outside while it is locked.  Thoughts?
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I do not believe you need to give the tenants keys to all points of exit. They must have at least one entry into the building and obviously access and keys to all entries into their apartment. I've known a couple of people (and I am in this situation) where there is an "Exit only" policy that the door is used as only an exit (and usually for emergency needs only). However, these doors generally lock behind you and can't be opened from the outside, so I'm not sure if that helps with the situation.
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