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Contractors - best way to find good ones


 I've had a good plumber that my family and I have used for the past 10-15 years. I have a couple of referrals from friends for electricians which I plan on checking shortly. One of my main questions is where is a good place to find a good contractor (general repairs) without having to use a rental agency? I've had one contractor who seemed to be good previously (siding the house and did pretty good work, until the wind came) and did a foolish thing and had them install a tub without checking referrals/previous work - in which they screwed the plumbing and left me a big mess when the tenant decided to take a bath. I'm also trying to find what people ask in terms of questions for contractors, so any suggestions are welcome! One thing I will say... even if they do good at one job, I certainly have to ask for proof that they have done other types of jobs if I get them in again.

Thanks for the help!
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