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ElectricaI Issues

House is 100 years old - electrical was updated about 20 yrs ago, but still utilizes screw in/clip in fuses. Have never had ANY electrical problems, power outtages, etc in the 17+ yrs we have rented the property.  Tenant asked prior to move in "Am I going to blow fuses all the time, because where I am they blow all the time and I have to call my landlord".  Within 3 days of move in, we get a call the power is out so we go over at 11pm to find 2 outlets burned out but see multiple extension cords plugged into each outlet and each other.  Now seeing why maybe they had problem at previous place - is this my responsibilty as a landlord to repair or theirs for the hazardous overload of electrical system - probably causing the burn out?
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If it is written in your lease and in some cases even if it is not, damages created by the direct negligence of a tenant and overloading an outlet would constitute this to me, is not only basis for eviction but depending on the wording of the lease, also the responsibility of the tenant.
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